Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maya parte da Roma, peccato.

alas, I am a terrible blogger turns out, but hey, that just means I've been having too much fun right? Well, our program is over now, and I of course get some kind of bird flu from the dirty ass pigeons of Rome. Just kidding, but I really am sick, gross. Just when the weather is getting gorgeous here, time for me to say ciao! Carmela gets in tonight and tomorrow we depart on our whirlwind tour woooooo! Just to give a quick recap on what I have been doing the past month of life:

1. For Stacie's 21st birthday weekend we did it up big classy style in Lyon, France. lots of delicious wine, courtesy of the generosity of Robert Nicolas, a friend I made last year through the Neyers that has a family winery in the Pouilly-Fuisse region of France. Delicious food, beautiful city, good weather overall (Sunday it did rain, but everything was closed anyways)

2. Mom came to visit me for a week! I was really terrible and I think so was she as we didn't take any photos while she was here, I think she has some that I will have to steal and post on my blog later. We got to see the new baby Leonardo, my cousin Zenone's son. Also Paola came and we had a great weekend together, and she showed us some great things such as Via Marguta, which is a famous street for antiques and art galleries near the Spanish Steps. We also went to the church of San Clemente, which is built over a Mythrian temple, which worshipped cows way back in the day. You can go beneath the church and see all the cool archeological finds there.

3. Just really enjoying the last few weeks of amazing weather! Now I have to get ready for my trip to Dublin for st. Pattys day! Ciao ciao!

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