Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1st Week

I have so far survived my first week in Rome! Darting across busy streets, walking probably more than I have in 2008 in just a week, eating pasta and bread like nobodys business, its been a great week. In the mornings we usually go as a class to see a site, then one person makes a presentation on it, then in the afternoons we have a history lecture. Having Nicolò (my cousin) has been a godsend, he has been so helpful. the other day he brought me an extra mattress they had lying around, because since I was the last person to arrive at our 7 person apartment, I of course got the cot instead of the real bed!
Some nice photos of the past week:

Quattro Coronati: Cloister

Pantheon: there is a hole in the middle for the gods, a perfect sphere in the middle of the ceiling!

Spanish Steps with Carly and Stacie

Cugina (cousin) Olivia

Ostia Antica


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